Emotion Distance

Cement, neon lights, wire, iInk, pencil
150×100 cm

The concept comes from my daily communication with my boyfriend, we are texting to each other through app because of our long-distance relationship, since we rely on technology to express our feelings, it builds an emotional barrier between us.

I became very emotional because of his choice of words, I recorded my emotions when reading my boyfriend’s text messages, I was happy, sad, anxious, angry or hysterical, etc. Lasting long or short. As the emotions are recorded, the misunderstandings between two people were also built like a high wall. Through the visual recordings of my changeable emotions, I want to express my feelings on the challenge of communicating emotions in text messages in virtual emvironment.  

I became emotional because of other people’s choice of words, the interval of time between messages, the interrupted communications, elusive emotion seemed also hidden in the text. I recorded my emotions when reading my boy friend’s text messages, the darker the ink painted on the bricks, the glommier were my emotions, the length of the bricks presented the durations, the red line presented my extreme emotions, such as angry, surprise or tension.