Memory Department Store

Videos / Installations / acrylic sheets / vinyl text

The art of remembering also depends on the art of forgetting. How our memory relies on memory storage on the Cloud? It is being purchased, stored, shared, hard to be erased from the internet, but at the same time it is fragile, easily damaged. I found these images from social media which I uploaded and shared many years ago, but I forgot my username and password. The email I used to register was also out of function. By the end, I couldn’t delete any of them, but only see them existing on the internet forever like ghosts. These images are my lost cat, my ex, the bed sheet we used to sleep, the important date, the sandbeach in one of our memorable vacations.

I also used Chat-GPT to create his own versions of stories based on my images on the internet, showing how AI can build memories without human’s involvement, how AI take control of human’s memories and make a new history.

The video work shows how I remember my first meeting with my boyfriend when looking at google map street view, how I occupy public space by replacing the road name with my own story, how my personal memory is rebuilt on public virtual software, and how we recall details through physical locations.