Prompt/ photo of a Chinese lady 35 years old visiting Tate Modern in London wearing Balenciaga with trousers in front of Anish Kapoor's installation, ultrarealistic, 8k, straight long black hair, with glasses, show full body with legs


Yao Yichun is an artist exploring and experiencing human emotions, perceptions, relationships, trust and control in the virtual high-tech environment, experiencing and questioning what effects could AI, algorithm, big data, internet bring to our emotions and relationships. In Communication, she made a text-based silent short film, to create a psychological tension between two lovers behind mobile screens. Yao likes to use different mediums, as well as herself to examine all the questions. Yao works with Installation, performance, sound, video, texts, photography, apps and internet.

We are trained to feel what we should feel, we are manipulated to do what we should do, the violence of technology changes social relations between people, also changes human thoughts. We are monitored and manipulated by this new form of power. Nevertheless, technology is not the only factor that influences perception or patterns of perception, the specific application or aesthetic use of a technology also leads to the reorganization of our sensory perception and changes of our relationships.

Group Exhibitions

2023  Replica Avatar Doppelganger
2023  The Exphygit CorpseTheWrong Biennale
2023  Mother Tongue, Millbank Tower, London, UK
2023  Graduation Show, Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK
2023  Group Show, Weatherbys Private Bank, London, UK
2023  (Site-specific) Common People, St Saviour’s Church, London, UK
2023  The Fuckin’ Show Man!, Chelsea Gallery, London, UK
2023  It’s the little things, Cookhouse Gallery, London, UK
2023  Parallel Festival, CVA Gallery, Hongkong, China
2023  Parallel Festival, Chelsea Gallery, London, UK
2022  -Ing, Cookhouse Gallery, London, UK
2022  Unrealised Ideas, London, UK
2022  Lables, Cookhouse Gallery, London, UK
2022  One Thing Always Lead To Another, London, UK
2022  Departure Lounge, Chelsea College of Art, London, UK
2015  Ephemeral, WE@BUND, Shanghai, China
2008  New Photography in China, City Festival, Hong kong, China
2006  1800-0600, Epson Imaging Gallery Epsite Shanghai, Shanghai, China
2006  Outlook Art and Design, Super Grand Mall, Shanghai, China
2005  Streetsnaps, Room with a View Gallery, Shanghai, China

Publications & Awards

Ippawards Honorable Mentions 2017
3030: New Photography in China, Paperback, October 2010, p. 168-171.
Outlook Art and Design, Supergrand Mall, Shanghai, China, p. 76-77.
Shanghai 1800-0600, Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House, January, 2006, p 22-25

Performances, Residency & Workshops

2023 Performance: IaskAIaski, Adema International Art Week, Mallorce, Spain
2023 Internet Art Experiment Workshop, Adema International Art Week, Mallorce, Spain
2022 Sound Visualization Workshop, Parallel Festival, Cookhouse Gallery, London, UK
2016 Art Poster Workshop, Réel, Shanghai, China
2016 Cut & Paste Art Poster Workshop, City Square, Shanghai, China


2023  MFA, Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art & Design (UAL)
2006  BA, Art and Design, China Academy of Art