Urban MRI Sound

Speakers, amplifier, copper particles, acrylic board
107x107 cm

The sound and vibration caused by various mechanical operations in the city strongly stimulates our brains and nerves. You can always choose to close your eyes, but you are not able to close your ears. I recorded the urban noises, natural and ritual sound, then edited them in a MRI sequence, the sound of the noise cause metal particels hit against each other, and cause noises agian. The long playing noise stimulates you and also cause hallucination similar to meditation. The sound installation plays in a loop, it created an environment in which you can hardly feel time and space, and you hardly can find story or emotion in it, you bear and endure it. I recorded the traffic lights beeping on the sidewalk, the huge roar in the subway, the boom of motorcycles, the chanting from ceremonies in temples, and birds singing in the forest.

The concept comes from my MRI experiences in the hospital, the long played loud noise created from the MRI equipment lasted for more than 20 minutes, I had some similar experience when I did meditation at home.